Interactive visualization and evaluation of 3D MAGMASOFT® results

MAGMAinteract® is a software for the visualization of MAGMASOFT® results. This free 3D-viewer enables the intuitive display of information exported from MAGMASOFT® (starting from release 5.4.1). MAGMAinteract® promotes communication between all parties interested in MAGMASOFT® results within an organization, as well as with suppliers and customers. This quick and easy presentation of information creates the basis for sound decisions.

Key functionality of MAGMAinteract®:

  • Interactive visualization of 3D MAGMASOFT® results
  • Animation of mold filling, solidification pattern and tracer particles
  • Visualization of mold filling, solidification and distortion as well as quality criteria including results on pre-defined cross-sections
  • Interactive evaluation of designs of experiments in parallel coordinate diagrams

Example: CAST IRON Engine block





Do you need help?

If you have any questions about MAGMAinteract® or need installation support, please contact your support team:

+90 216 557 64 00

Filling and cooling of the melt during casting

Progress of solidification

Flow pattern

Download the following files for your own MAGMAinteract® installation

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