Our Philosophy and Mission

MAGMAacademy is a training and continuing education program for current MAGMA customers. All training or ongoing learning for customers relating to MAGMASOFT®, Technical Seminars and Workshops are done through MAGMAacademy. Beginning in 2016, we opened Seminars and Workshops to noncustomers. The concept of MAGMAacademy stems from the idea that lifelong learning and learning from each other makes for a knowledgeable workforce that can empower the metalcasting industry from within.

Technology and its application through casting process simulation is a well-known means for improving quality and productivity. It allows designers to advance the development of castings while allowing users to effectively produce robust casting processes. This leads to reduced delivery times, reduced costs, and aids in communication throughout all levels of an organization.

MAGMAacademy’s mission is to provide educational resources to software users and to aid in the integration of casting process optimization throughout an entire organization. This is achieved through software-focused direct user training and targeted education programs for the indirect user.


The staff at MAGMAacademy is dedicated to providing you with the best training experience. If there are any questions or concerns as to content, relevancy, timing, etc., please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you and showing you the many ways MAGMASOFT® can optimize your business.

Please consider the information below :

  • Basic training and corresponded process training are required to attend the optimization training.
  • Level-1 and level-2 training are required to attend the optimization training in HPDC.
  • If you operate multiple modules of MAGMASOFT®, please contact us and we will help you identify the most effective training sequence.
  • As we don’t have advanced training schedule please contact us to demand training. We will identify the sequence and convenient dates together.

Trainings that We Offer

  • Basic Training
  • Prosces Training (Steel, Iron, Stress, LPDC,HPDC)
  • Optimization Training
  • MAGMAlink
  • C+M
  • Inverse Optimization

Please Note : Basic and prosces training are conducted simultaneously.


Workshops as can be a combination of teory and practice also can be comparison of the real cases and MAGMASOFT®’s results. In workshops attendies become more knowledgable as theorical while they improve their MAGMA skill by using provided information and apply on MAGMASOFT®.

Workshops that we offer

  • Stress workshop
  • Optimization workshop
  • Filling&Solidification result interpretation workshop
  • Inverse engineering
  • Customer spesific workshops
  • MAGMAlink workshop
  • MAGMA C+M workshop


MAGMA seminars cover topics related to our customers’ needs and interests. These seminars provide a deeper insight to discover the potential for improving efficiency, quality, communication, and cost reduction through education. Attendees may be direct or indirect users, and often includes job titles throughout an organization like: Management, Engineers, Supervisors, Quality Personal, Production, and Sales staff. Seminars are carried out by experienced MAGMA staff and outside industry experts. These seminars use MAGMASOFT® as the educational backbone which adds to the overall value for the attendees.

  • Iron casting seminar
  • High pressure die casting seminar
  • Heat treatment on steel casting seminar
  • Core production and core failures seminar
  • Root cause analysis on iron casting
  • Root cause analysis on high pressure die casting

MAGMA Bilişim ve Teknoloji Hizmetleri Ltd. Şti.

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Tel : +90216 5576400

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